Roles: Lead Designer and Mission Writer.
Platform: Facebook and Orkut social networks.
Release Date: November, 2011.
Genres: Social, Racing.
RaceTown is a social game in which you take the role of a garage owner who has to manage his own garage, build a car collection and race against other players in order to evolve and build the best garage on twon. The game puts together well know social game mechanics, an interesting story, created as the player advances through the missions in the game, and mechanics oriented to a more hardcore audience, like competitive racing and leaderboards in one simple and yet adictive whole.
Creating and maintaining all game design documents.
Writing all branching missions and telling an enticing story.
Creating all cars in the games and their attributes.
Designing a wide range of content and features that stimulates both cooperation and competition.
Building a competitive mode for the game in order to attract more hardcore players.
Creating a universe that is continually growing.