Roles: Game and Level Designer
Platform: iPhone
Release Date: March, 2010
Genres: Sports
Fishing Kings is a fishing game in which the players are taken to tackle on the best fishing spots all around the world. They will have to pick the right lures, canes and lines in order to catch each of the 30 available species, all with their unique behaviors. The game also makes intense use of the accelerometer features and intelligent camera positioning in order to increase the immersion in the fishing universe.
"Even if fishing holds no appeal to you, this digital representation is eminently playable and should keep you hooked for quite some time."
– Damien McFerran, Pocket Gamer
Determining the attributes for all 30 species of fish.
Building 7 out of the 15 levels in the game.
Adjusting the mechanics for catching the fishes.
Creating the struggle behavior for each of the 30 species of fish.