Roles: Lead Designer and Level Designer.
Platform: Sony Ericsson K800 + several mobile devices.
Release Date: March, 2008.
Genres: Racing.
Ferrari World Championship is a realistic racing game in which the players take the role of Ferrari’s main pilots during the whole 2008 Formula 1 season through 9 different circuits all around the world. Players can also feel the thrill of driving one of Ferrari’s classic models, the celebrated Ferrari 500 F2 from 1951.
"The fast race atmosphere and the stylish pseudo-3D-graphics are amusing right from the start. Good driving physics, a plausible control and funny pit stops perfect the exciting races. Red, fast and hot-blooded!"
– Dominik Hirsch, Airgamer
Creating a racing game with realistic physics.
Adapting Gameloft’s racing game engine to adequate it for a F1 perspective.
Building 9 realistic levels based on real circuits.
Creating a car tuning system that is easy to understand, but realistic.
Creating an innovative Pit Stop mechanic.
Including elements that promote Ferrari’s heritage and legacy.