Roles: Lead Designer and Level Designer.
Platform: Sony Ericsson K800 + several mobile devices (Ported to iPhone later).
Release Date: December, 2008.
Genres: Music, Rhythm.
DJ Mix Tour is a rhythm game in which you play the part of a DJ climbing his way up to the biggest parties in the world. The game takes well know mechanics from celebrated games in the genre, like Guitar Hero, and adapts them to a mobile platform, giving them a whole new feeling.
"With 11 classic dance tunes to DJ for throbbing crowds at assorted venues, DJ Mix Tour hits all the right notes. It’s Guitar Hero for those not that into guitars."
– Kath Brice, Pocket Gamer
Adapting rhythm games mechanics to mobile devices.
Improving Guitar Legend’s (Gameloft’s first attempt) gameplay.
Creating levels with a less steep difficulty curve than that of Guitar Legend.
Making it different from other rhythm games, but keeping it recognizable by fans of the genre.